Monthly Archives: October 2015

Social Musings 101: Dreams

Dreams are so funny and powerful if we learn to embrace and understand them. I had a dream about something interesting the other night. I woke up and was pretty amazed at the results. But nothing else other than that. Have a good day folks and write down your dreams your subconscious is trying to speak to you.

~Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Hidden Talents

As you wake up this morning and are grateful for all the things around you. Stop and think about the things in life that you possess and the contributions that you are ale to make to society. You don’t have to give all of yourself to that. But giving to new ideas, conversations, and other projects is a great idea. And alos give without expecting anything in return. Have a wonderful day.

~Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Cellphone and wireless connection devices

Today I am grateful for all the people involved in making cellphones cheap and affordable for everyone so that many people no matter where they are in the world can connect with people who we LOVE. You can be any where in the world and still communicate with people near where you live. In the past people were gone and others had to wait for months to hears from them via letter. You hoped the pony express or mail service didn’t get robbed and if they did you hoped they let the letters go on to reach their destination. You know that reminds me as a treasure hunter I bet there is old mail buried in canyons from years ago that was never found. A treasure hunt idea well have a wonderful day.

~Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Delightfulness

When you arrive at your destination today no matter what happened on the way there or how you feel try to be delightful. Others will be grateful for this even if they don’t show it. You will be as well. Thank You.

Social Musings 101: Motivation Speakers

Greatness is your destiny. Today I would like to give ¬†thanks to all the people of the world who have gone thru despair and disaster and decided to turn their pain into success. Those same people have not only motivated themselves to success but have turned around and motivated so many others that it’s possible for them as well. So thank you known and unknown motivation coaches all around the world. Thank you, Thank You.


Creative Director Talk: Ideas

Ideas are good to mill over and think about and ponder but sooner or later either you actualize an idea or you live it alone altogether. You may even come back to it later on but do take action on an idea when you get it or eventually they slow down or stop flowing to you since they see you’re not using the ideas. Make it a great day.