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Social Musings 101: Death of Ideas

So today as we usually celebrate people and inventions or creations we discuss the seed of it all. The idea. So even the people that were conceived and born into the world were ideas that two people had as they chose to conceive. I feel many of us have ideas that we don’t act on that we let die. Some of these ideas we don’t understand how or why they’ve been given to us to do because they don’t make sense or seem weird. But if the idea keeps pressing on you then it’s vitally important that you make it happen. Vitally important. So if you get the idea to make a vanilla flavored bacon strip and this idea keeps generating in your head then you have to find a way to make that vanilla bacon strip. The rest will work itself out. So the next time you start on a great idea don’t just give up or say well I don’t have this, this or this. Say to yourself that you can make it happen. Enjoy your day, night, evening or time where ever you are in the world.