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The History of Target Corp

So since we shop here on a regular basis I decided to do some research on the company. I am so amazed at how these little small ideas and places turn into these behemoth’s over time. So the Target Corporation got it’s start from a little town in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. So according to legend(Wikipedia) a man by the name of George Drayton Draper attended a small church in downtown Minneapolis. The church burned down and the members of the church hit him up and said, “Hey, can you build us a new church on the corner”? So he did. After building the church he asked a company named Ruben Simon Goodfellow Company to move into the building as well. Goodfellow’s department store was given to Mr. Draper after Goodfellow decided to get out of the department store game. Then Draper took over the department store operations and slowly but surely managed the company and now you have Target….magic… can read the rest of the story by clicking the link, but that’s what happened…..Thank You Mr. Draper for your contribution to our society and giving Target the great start……that now employs 100’s and ten of 1000’s of people. The ┬áHistory of Target Corporation.