Social Musings 101: The Doubters or Dobuters

So we start this post giving a shout out to the doubters of the world or better yet dobuters. I like dobuters better because the dobuters of the world think that they can do better.  I think they that the dobuter of the world don’t even desire to have the name spelled correctly. So if are going after a dream remember the dobuters are coming or will start popping their heads up when you get or achieve goals that they wish they could or should. Don’t let it get you down remember they are complementing you and at the same time trying to force their image of you into your head. Be patient. Relax and keep your goals in front of you and if your own dogs don’t believe in your goal regardless of that you keep pressing forward on whatever goal you have set out to achieve. Enjoy.

~Electramorhipism, out.

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