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Social Musings 101: Art and Artist

What some of us deem nothing others of us value and hold in high light. One of the easiest and fastest ways to be significant is to hate on someone else. As artists we create and then we recreate. The world is much better for the artist having existed than not existed. As artists or an artist continue to listen to the voice inside your head that’s telling you to create. Keep on creating as this is very good for you. As the interpretation of art is open and subject to biases and people’s limited perception of their world and themselves…the art and the way it makes them feel is a direct reflection of themselves and their own values. Keep creating.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: The Unexpected

Yesterday I visited a local arts store in town looking for some face paint. When I arrived at the business I met with another artist and we started talking and he went on to explain different processes of film and make up and artistic design. This guy was a whole wealth of knowledge and I got his contact information for future productions and events. It was pretty cool because I was looking for someone like this for a long time. I finally found someone local and close to home that can do special effects makeup and what not for productions. But I thought the only way to meet someone like this would be to go to a networking or mixing event. I have always believed that some of the greatest artists are actually unknown but well at what they do or did. He showed me his work and previous projects and I was truly amazed. So just remember you don’t know who or what you’re looking for or where what you’re looking for will come come from but just be open to the idea and listen. Sometimes things are asking for us to pay them attention we just have to be open and receptive to them. That’s it and on that note enjoy your day.

The Art of Perspective by Phil Metzger



This is a very good book for beginning artists such as myself that need to learn how to draw perspective and what not. Very good book, lots of good pointers and details. Thanks again, until next time. Electramorhipism out.