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Monday Motivation: Truth About Laziness Motivational Video

This was a great video about laziness. Most people don’t want to workout or put in the work but want to get more out of life without putting in the work. So this video reminds you to get off your ass and go get it..one way or the other…..Thanks to RSD Motivation for making this video.

Setting Personal Standards by RSD Motivation

So listening to motivational videos like I always do, then I came across this video and it made me really think. The video talks about personal standards and the importance of achieving goals that need to be created. The speaker says that once you set a standard if you don’t take action once that standard is crossed you end up any where because your standard is set lower and lower and lower and lower till you have no standard and are happy to just brreeeeattthhhh. Check it. Until next time, Electramorhipism out.